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Corporate Membership - 2021 Full

Memberships and shares may be held by a public or private corporation. The corporation can appoint up to three additional employees or business partners of the shareholder as playing members. The activation cost for the business partners/employees is a one time fee of $100 per player. The shareholder and the additional players each have the same privileges and are each individually responsible for, and subject to, the same annual dues, assessments and minimums as regular shareholders.

The corporation is responsible for any expenses not paid by the player. The shareholder can change the designated corporate playing members by:
  1. Notifying the club, in writing, that a former corporate player’s status has been discontinued. The former member’s account is then due in full; and
  2. Notifying the club, in writing, of the new corporate member, providing proof of employment and the $100 activation fee.
The corporation must provide proof of employment for all non-shareholding players.

The corporate share can, at a later date, be transferred from the company’s name to an individual. After such a transfer, the share would no longer be eligible for additional players.